February 21, 2021

Running An Entirely Different System

If you like basketball, then this is a must-read (click here).

Notice in the article that the coaches running "The System" are not following best practices.

I ran a poll on Twitter, asking readers to tell me how confident they are when a vendor says that the vendor is sharing "best practices" that the vendor is actually sharing best practices (click here). The results were not in favor of vendor suggestions of best practices.

One way of winning in business is to do something different. When everybody is doing the same thing, you go down a different path. How do you think Stitch Fix got to over a billion in sales in under a decade? I mean, the TOLD YOU WHAT YOU WERE GOING TO WEAR. Their "system" is fundamentally different than you having an omnichannel assortment of sameness available in all channels, available to everybody at the same time.

Keep these ideas in mind as you consider your Customer Development tactics.

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