January 28, 2021

Tell Me Where In The Customer Development Process These Ads Belong?

Tell me your thoughts?

Both Headphones.com and Belardi Wong ads came from anything other than purchase intent. Headphones.com was part of a research process. Belardi Wong happened because a colleague wanted to know who to hire for a specific task, so I sent an email to the person with the link in the email. That information got sniffed somehow and now Belardi Wong is advertising to me. On a soccer "table" page. And if Direct Mail delivers the best customers, why are they advertising digitally? Wouldn't a direct mail campaign, directly to my mailbox, make the most sense? Yes, I'm kidding here ... but I'm asking you to think.

Think carefully about where in the Customer Development process the Belardi Wong ad falls, given what you know about my intentions?

Customer Development is about having a plan ... knowing where prospects and customers are in the life cycle, knowing how fast the customer is degrading in value, and then aligning marketing tactics by degredation levels. If your favorite vendor violates Customer Development principles, talk to your favorite vendor about it.

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