December 06, 2020


Reconcile this for me, ok?

UPS says (on December 2) they're overwhelmed and cannot support additional volume from the largest brands out there (click here).

Conversely, here they are on December 3 telling you as a customer to trust them and use them ... now!!

Why would they tell you that they can't handle your volume but they are spending the money you pay them to tell individual customers that they can handle their volume?

Notice that (in the article) Amazon doesn't have any constraints placed upon them.

I know, I know, this is hard ... and UPS / FedEx probably can hire more people but cannot build new warehouses and neither brand ever expected a pandemic to cause brands to surge online. So yes, there should be some empathy for their predicament. But YOU were also put in a horrible predicament, and somehow you grew your sales dramatically (in so many non-apparel e-commerce cases this year) and worked through serious constraints. If you can do it, your vendor partners can do it as well.

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