October 04, 2020


This is the part of the story where you suggest that I've over-simplified things.

Well of course I've over-simplified things!

You have to over-simplify things in order to make a larger point.

The larger point being, of course, that the Virtual Chief Performance Officer is fusing the following concepts into an actionable direction.

  • Customers: Explaining how customers behave in a way that sets a direction for the company.
  • Merchandise:  Outlining the role that new/existing products have in fueling business success.
  • Management Analytics:  The fusion of customer analysis and merchandise analysis.
  • Coaching:  Setting up employees to be successful, even when they are faced with intimidating internal forces that are there to block what you want to accomplish.
  • Goals and Objectives:  Giving employees clear direction on what they need to accomplish to be successful, then rewarding employees when they do well or holding employees accountable when they fail to perform.
That's what I'm looking to do ... I am fusing Management Analytics, Coaching, and Goals/Objectives. Based on the past thirteen-plus years of Consulting work, this "fusion" is missing. It's a pothole that somebody should fill. Why not me? Why not you?

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