September 03, 2020

Where Does This Fit? How About "BOARD"??

Ok, so I'm getting feedback from you about BOAR ... pretty good stuff, I can see that you're t.h.i.n.k.i.n.g. and that's the point of this whole endeavor. Not right/wrong ... thinking!

Which brings me to an email I received on Thursday from Butcherbox (not a client).

You can go into Google Chrome and look at Developer Tools (in Chrome = Ctrl Shift i) and you'll learn that there are elements of "B" in the BOAR model. You can make a case, based on the BOAR model, that they are applying a lot of elements of the E-Commerce-In-A-Box model. And in this case, that's a weakness.

When I bought from them (November 2018), they had a feeble welcome program. I bought something, their "box" of solutions sent me a total of one (1) email campaign in the next month. One! Then they reminded me I was getting another box ... just taking for granted that I'd buy from them again. I opted out.

I got a comparable offer ... free meat for life ... in May 2019. So why would I, with a recency of 22 months now, be responsive to the same darn offer again??

This is a failure of the "E-Commerce-In-A-Box" model. Many successes, of course, it gets you up and running and running efficiently, but you're stuck implementing vendor-centric "winback programs".


The time to convince me to stick around was December 2018, before I left!!!! Welcome Program!!!!

And I get it ... you don't want to execute a Welcome Program, you want to execute a "winback program" that vendors help you implement ... help you implement easily.

We need to modify the BOAR framework, don't we?

So let's add a letter. We'll add the letter "D".

  • B = E-commerce-in-a-box.
  • O = Omnichannel e-commerce.
  • A = Amazon commerce.
  • R = Recurring e-commerce.
  • D = Different e-commerce.

Doing different things.

Doing things differently.

We'll fold the "D" into what we discuss next week, and we'll start thinking about the BOARD framework for 2021 and your goals and objectives for 2021, because all this stuff starts to fit together ... or better fit together if you're gonna experience long-term success.

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