June 14, 2020

We've Used The Same Model For 12 Years. It Still Works!!

This topic comes up in many "QuickScore" project proposals.

You hear the comments ... "We built our matchback algorithm in 2007 and we're happy with it and we aren't going to do any print mail/holdout testing because if we did that we'd lose sales and who wants sales to decrease? We are using an RFM+C segmentation strategy for print, and we established that back in 2008. It still works!! Everything is great. So we don't think that spending $8,000 on QuickScores is a smart idea, but we wanted to hear about your methods just in case we wanted to change something internally, thanks."

Mind you, a company like this spends $750,000 a year with catalog co-ops and grumbles all the way to oblivion wondering why those names perform at 40% of the level they performed at 10 years ago, but whatever, $8,000 is just too much to spend to modernize.

I'm no different. My car is nearly 13 years old. It still works!!

Well, there is a big difference. I've driven a lot of rental cars, and there are very few that drive as well as the 13 year old car I own. And I've only had to spend $1,800 fixing the car in the past decade. 

Meanwhile, you with the "same model you've used for twelve years" ... have you had a chance to see what other models look like when applied to your business? How do you know that what you are doing "still works"?

How do you know that what you are doing "still works"??

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