April 28, 2020

Those Heavy Email Clickers Really Clicked A Lot!

Here's the data from a QuickScores project (click here), showing historical clicks by 2%-tile segment (best = 1, worst = 50).

The best email clickers have a ton of activity across the spectrum ... old clicks, recent clicks, you name it, they do it.

Over the past five years:
  • Segment 01 = 183.9 historical clicks, 7.1 clicks last month.
  • Segment 03 =   78.6 historical clicks, 2.9 clicks last month.
  • Segment 05 =   53.8 historical clicks, 2.0 clicks last month.
  • Segment 07 =   41.1 historical clicks, 1.5 clicks last month.
  • Segment 09 =   31.6 historical clicks, 1.2 clicks last month.
And among other customers:
  • Segment 19 =   12.4 historical clicks, only 2.5 clicks in past year.
  • Segment 29 =     7.2 historical clicks, no clicks in past year.
  • Segment 39 =     6.1 historical clicks.
  • Segment 49 =     2.2 historical clicks.

This is why you run Email QuickScores ... you want to know who is most likely to click, and you want to assess their Brand QuickScore to understand whether somebody is likely to purchase if they click. You don't want a ton of clickers who don't purchase anything.

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