March 24, 2020

Hillstrom's QuickScores

Hillstrom's QuickScores

For the duration of our virus-induced quarantine and likely well into 2021, we will have no choice but to either rebuild businesses or capitalize on a virus-induced bump in sales, with most of us in the former category. Email marketing will be one of the key drivers that restore File Power to our businesses, given the low cost and high relevancy of the channel.

Hillstrom's QuickScores addresses a targeted approach to restoring File Power, Sales, and Profit. Based on a proprietary weighting strategy that evaluates when historical purchases happened and how much was spent (by marketing channel), you will receive the following QuickScores.
  • Email QuickScore:  A score that you can use for targeting purposes ... each customer ranked from highest to lowest based on the probability of purchasing via an email campaign. You'll know exactly who to target for loyalty programs, for activation programs, for reactivation programs.
  • Catalog QuickScore:  For catalogers, a score that will tell you who is most likely to purchase solely because of catalog mailings. Historical purchases across channels are weighted appropriately so that you are not wasting one penny of the money your brand allocates to marketing purposes.
  • Merchandise QuickScore:  Based on weighted historical transactions you will know, by customer, the Primary Merchandise Category and the Secondary Merchandise Category preferred by the customer. Used in combination with the Email QuickScore, you will be able to target the specific merchandise category that causes the customer to be most likely to purchase from an Email Marketing campaign. The scores can also be used to personalize your home page / landing pages.
  • Brand QuickScore:  An overall ranking of customers from best to worst based on Brand Loyalty.
Project Cost = $8,000.

Project Turnaround = Approximately One Week.

Project Deliverable = Email QuickScore, Catalog QuickScore (if you are a catalog brand), Merchandise QuickScore, and Brand QuickScore ... you will receive pseudo-code that allows you to score your own file on a weekly / daily / hourly basis. If needed, you can send me transactions once a month and I will score your file for you and send the records back to you. If your company needs that during this challenging time, I'll do it at no cost.

Let's get busy building this infrastructure into your database now ... so that when life returns to normal you are ready to capitalize on myriad opportunities.

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