February 24, 2020

American Eagle

Pay attention to the Macy's comment ... because Macy's will close stores, mall traffic will decline, and the decline is expected to hurt American Eagle.

If you were measuring File Power at American Eagle, you'd analyze data at a market level. You'd separate markets where Macy's closed stores historically from those where they are currently closing stores to those where Macy's has active stores.
  • You'd measure downstream File Power from existing 12-month buyers in each segment.
  • You'd measure new/reactivated customers in each segment.
  • You'd quantify how future sales will be impacted as a consequence.
  • Any sales downturn represents File Power lost due to Macy's closures.
You run analytics like these ... right?

File Power is a critically important aspect of modern marketing ... we need to understand what others are doing to us, we need to understand what we're doing to ourselves, and we need to understand what the future holds. All can be done within the File Power framework.

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