October 07, 2019

Targeting Variables

It's one thing to point out that you have a pricing problem. It's another thing for marketers to leverage the information and generate positive ROI from the data.

In pricing projects I develop what I call "targeting variables". The variables are stored in your database, and are available for use at any time.
  • Low / Medium / High Price Point Preference.
  • Purchases Items Above / Below Normal Price Point For The Individual Item.
  • Buys Winners or Contending Items.
  • Primary Merchandise Category Preference and Secondary Merchandise Category Preference.
  • Primary Marketing Channel Preference and Secondary Merchandise Category Preference.
Now, let's say that you are L.L. Bean and your merchants want to clear out a Sweater Fleece Coat. As a marketer, how can you help?
  • Identify customers with a primary or secondary marketing channel = email marketing.
  • Identify customers who purchase from medium / high price points.
  • Identify customers who purchase items that sell below their typical average selling price for an individual item.
  • Identify customers with a primary or secondary merchandise category = womens coats.
  • Send this segment of the database an email campaign featuring the Sweater Fleece Coat.
Just like that you've make pricing data actionable via targeting variables!

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