October 28, 2019

How Do I Know I Operate A Transactional Brand?

How do I know I operate a transactional brand?

  • Annual Repurchase Rates are low, under 30%.
  • I grumble when third parties charge me more for the exact same service.
  • My new customers come from Facebook.
  • My new customers come from Instagram.
  • My new customers come from Pinterest.
  • For catalogers, new customers come from Catalog Co-Ops.
  • My new customers come from Google.
  • I transact on Amazon and Amazon gets a generous cut of the action.
  • I hound customers all across the internet via retargeting programs, stalking them, begging them to cash in an abandoned shopping cart.
  • I have a robust shopping cart abandonment program.
  • I offer bigger discounts for customers who abandon carts than for customers who complete an initial transaction.
  • I offer discounts, period.
  • I offer free shipping.
And that's just a sampling of likely outcomes that determine if you operate a Transactional Brand.

A Transactional Brand is at the mercy of strategic algorithms.

A Relationship Brand is at the mercy of strategic marketing/merchandising decisions.

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