October 29, 2019

Broasted Chicken

In a Transactional Brand, you'd sell fried chicken. You'd offer the chicken at a low cost (your deep fryer is essentially free), you'd advertise digitally, and you'd seek out customers who demand to eat fried chicken RIGHT NOW ... demanding that the customer buy IMMEDIATELY. You're there to generate a transaction.

In a Relationship Brand you spend $5,000 to purchase a Broaster ... a combination Broiler / Roaster that is licensed by the Broaster brand. You'd buy the secret coating that goes on the chicken. The chicken is "made to order", so you're going to disappoint customers with long wait times if many customers order broasted chicken at the same time. You realize that only a fraction of customers care about broasted chicken, and you realize that these customers will come back repeatedly because you possess a broaster and the competition does not possess a broaster.

The Transactional Brand sell the same junk everybody sells, at a low cost. The Transactional Brand uses tricks and gimmicks to get the customer to buy RIGHT NOW.

The Relationship Brand sells something unique, often at a moderate / high cost. The Relationship Brand uses merchandise to get the customer to come back TOMORROW.

Do you see the difference I'm talking about here?

It's really hard to increase customer loyalty if your business is calibrated around Transactions.

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