September 23, 2019

Oh Come On Email Marketers!!!

It's price point band by high-level channel. And once again, there's a consistent theme that runs through my projects.

Look at share of annual volume by price point band for email marketing. Tell me what you see?? Green numbers are "above average" ... red numbers are "below average".

Email transactions skew toward items priced between $0.01 and $29.99 ... at the far low end of the spectrum.

Do you realize how often this happens? It happens in at least 75% of my projects. It's out of control! For the past twenty years, we optimized email metrics by subtly shifting the cheapest items into the campaigns. Notice I didn't say "optimize the business" ... nope ... we just optimized our email marketing metrics.

Email metrics (in this context) should be a straight average of the whole business ... we should reflect everything in the assortment over time ... not just the cheapest stuff so that the email marketing team gets credit for having good metrics.

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