July 24, 2019

Frequency > Pages

One of the outcomes of a catalog simulation environment is this ...

... Four 32 Page Contacts > One 96 Page Contact.

In the future, you'll have many more contacts for the shrinking portion of the file that is still catalog-centric. 

These customers will generate more response by receiving many small page count mailings than fewer large page count mailings. Your simulations will verify this finding.

Same thing with infrequent non-catalog buyers ... why mail them once a year at 96 pages when you could mail them four times a year at 32 pages each??

And you'll stuff those 32 page mailings full of two things.
  1. The merchandise the customer prefers.
  2. Winning items.
Frequency > Pages. All of these trends are coming to a catalog marketer near you. Get ready for the future, ok?

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