April 17, 2019

Hillstrom's Targeting: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary

This week I've shared with you my "Weighted Quality" process. It's an important process when considering who to target, as demonstrated yesterday.

I use the same weighting process to create six additional variables.
  • Primary Merchandise Category Preference.
  • Secondary Merchandise Category Preference.
  • Tertiary Merchandise Category Preference.
  • Primary Channel Preference.
  • Secondary Channel Preference.
  • Tertiary Category Preference.
These variables are pure gold!!

Primary / Secondary / Tertiary represent the categories or channels that the customer historically spent the most weighted dollars.

  • $100 in Mens 0-12 Months Ago.
  • $100 in Womens 13-24 Months Ago.
  • $200 in Kids 25-36 Months Ago.
Weighted Values (recall earlier in the week?) yield the following:
  • Mens = $100.
  • Womens = $60.
  • Kids = $70.
We now have Primary / Secondary / Tertiary categories.
  • Primary = Mens.
  • Secondary = Kids.
  • Tertiary = Womens.
Tomorrow, I'll show you just how valuable Primary / Secondary / Tertiary categories are to a targeting process!

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