January 28, 2019

Worst Article of 2019

Moving right along, this is one of those cases where digital folks need to think three or four steps ahead. It's been my experience that "some" digital folks struggle to think three or four steps ahead. Please read this (click here) and then think three or four steps ahead and in the words of Don Libey, ask yourself "what if"????

P.S.:  One of the code phrases vendors use when they're about to mulch you is this:
  • "We'll focus on your campaigns so you can focus on your business."
  • On numerous occasions, when a catalog guru calls me to tell me he's (it's always a "he") about to put me out of business, he uses a variant of this phrase. 
P.P.S.:  Explain to me why so many of you are happy to fully integrate your businesses with Google, Facebook, and Amazon?? Discuss, and while you discuss, think three or four steps ahead and ask yourself "what if"?

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