September 05, 2018

Tactic: Awareness Programs

You probably have a Customer Acquisition Team and a Customer Retention Team.

The Acquisition Team focuses on Google and Facebook (and if you are a cataloger you have an over-dependence upon catalog co-ops). That's it. It's people looking for ways to spend money to find customers.

A credible Marketing Management System divides Acquisition into two critical pieces.
  1. Awareness.
  2. Capture.
Awareness is about teaching prospects who you are and why the prospect should care about you.

Capture is "capture" ... when demand has been created, you are there to capture it ... via Google, or Facebook, or a catalog via the co-ops.

I want you to spend a few minutes this morning thinking about what you do to create Awareness. And you cannot use the following words / phrases.
  • Social Media.
  • Facebook.
  • Google.
  • Retargeting.
  • Catalogs (if you are a cataloger).
  • Public Relations.
If this exercise stumps you, you do not have an Awareness program. And if you do not have an Awareness program, you have a tactic to begin executing on Thursday Morning ... you will create your very own Awareness program, and you will begin the process of educating the public who you are and you will convince people to care about you.

Yeah, I know, that sounds like hard work.

It's work we've abandoned since Google came on the scene.

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