May 02, 2018

By Item Year Of Introduction

You recall our segments from earlier this week.

In this analysis, we look at the years when items were introduced, and then segment those items by our four classifications.

In particular, I care about the items that fall into the "Newer Customers / Modern Channels" category. These items are the future of any business. I don't see huge swings in this table.

But I do see one challenge.

Overall, look at the distribution of items sold that skew to "Modern Channels".
  • Old items (2013 - and before) ... 62% skew to modern channels.
  • Items From 2014 ... 74% skew to modern channels.
  • Items From 2015 ... 71% skew to modern channels.
  • Items From 2016 ... 69% skew to modern channels.
  • Items From 2017 ... 62% skew to modern channels.
This company is increasingly offering items that skew toward old channels and away from modern channels.

In other words, this company is electing to embrace old-school channels, aligning them with the most recent assortment of merchandise.

This can work in the short-term.

This is hard to pull off in the long-term.

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