April 19, 2018

Tradition / Nostalgia

Take a look at this place in Nashua, NH.

It's cold, it's miserable, and I end up talking to a guy (age 65ish) who is waiting for his cheeseburger.

Guy:  Isn't it great that they're open?

Kevin:  Sure.

Guy:  You know, the big chains aren't open on a day like this.

Kevin:  Burger King isn't open right now?

Guy:  What I am saying is that this place is always open. You're probably too young to remember the blizzard of April 1978. This place was open during the blizzard of April 1978. That's what I love the place. They're always open, no matter what. 11-9. Every day. Even when it is pouring rain and 38 degrees like it is right now.

Kevin:  Alright.

The guy scooped up his cheeseburger and off he went.

I got my hot dog with cole slaw and cookies 'n cream ice cream and off I went. Notice that the hot dog is wrapped in thick slice of white bread.

This was 2:45pm in the afternoon. And after I snapped my photos and began eating my lunch in my rental car, another fifty people walked up and got their fix of less-than-healthy food.

Food that is just a bit different ... and TRADITION.

If you struggle with online marketing and you cater to a 65 year old customer, then capitalize on the one competitive advantage you have ... TRADITION! Play it up. Use it to your advantage.

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