December 04, 2017


You see 'em all the time ... especially among "digital brands".

Do you know how hard it is to find an audience of a half-million customers to reach?

So we have catalogers all over the place, circulating a half-million mailings a month, paying the freight themselves.

I'm not suggesting we turn ourselves into an advertising vehicle.

I am suggesting we find clever ways to leverage partnerships.

P.S.:  Or instead of partnerships, you can take this kind of a stand and anger a ton of people while greatly pleasing others (click here). I speak with many Executives who don't want to anger anybody ... and that is a strategy that can work ... this is the opposite.

P.P.S.:  Look at what Retail Dive gets paid for their efforts ... that's a lotta cheddar. You have valuable real estate as well. I mean look at some of those rates ... $8,000 per 45,000 emails? $60 per thousand for a web ad? If you had a catalog circulation of 500,000 that equates to $30,000 and this isn't some silly banner ad.

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