December 07, 2017

Elizabeth Suzann

A long-time reader forwarded this company along yesterday ... Elizabeth Suzann (click here). The reader mentioned that after a recent product launch, it would take 8-10 weeks to receive merchandise. Omnichannel Zombies would have a fit if they heard that! The reader also points out that there is a "staff of one" to write individual hand-written thank you notes to customers (which is in stark contrast to the Hallmark rep who once tried to sell me mass-produced print-driven thank you notes that looked like they were hand-written).

Here are profiles of individual customers (click here) ... look ... the customers are famous!

Free Worldwide Shipping on All Orders.

The reader told me that she sees a shift in business to "Winner Take All" Marketplaces. She may be right. If there's one thing that has been evident about twenty years of "the internet", it is the concept of "Winner Take All". There's room for one winner ... a smaller competitor, and not much else. iOS vs. Android. Four large mobile phone carriers. Facebook vs. everybody else. Amazon vs. everybody else. Spotify.

So why try to play 3D Chess when we could pick a smaller audience that truly cares about what we do, and vice versa?

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