September 27, 2017

Sierra Trading Post: They're Doing Something

I didn't expect this to pop up on my TV screen this evening:

This is a company with a strong catalog heritage (click here) ... sure they're not an independently operated cataloger, but as you know, that's a dying breed. Catalogers (and increasingly e-commerce brands ... my how things have changed on that side of the aisle) have to pick their path.
  • Find a Partner.
  • Find a Buyer.
  • Do it Yourself, Low-Cost / No-Cost Customer Acquisition.
  • Do it Yourself, Pay Tolls.
I keep getting tactical questions ... "68 pages vs. 64" ... ". The time for tactical questions is over. It's time to do something.

P.S.: I'm not saying that their TV ads are going to make a bit of difference. They may make 'em a fortune, or they may be feckless. It doesn't matter. They are doing something.

P.P.S.:  Yes, you are correct ... you saw what I was watching ...

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