August 27, 2017


Ok, the first tidbit has nothing to do with commerce, but it is a podcast worth listening to if you like poker and Phil Ivey and wonder whatever happened to him ... and pay attention to how these folks tell a story ... could your "brand" tell a compelling audio story?
Here's an image for you ... related to cord cutters. Depicted below are the percentage of HHs by TV content provider. Tell me what you see ...

You can see how "traditional cable" is dying ... ever so slowly. Catalogers went through this dynamic ... the blue portion of the bar is similar to share of demand captured over the telephone ... this graph looks like a graph might have looked in the late 1990s. And we all know how that story ended.

And then we have this one ... about a UK gaming store that is reinventing itself (click here). You can't solve the retail problem via discounts and promotions and pricing strategies. The future of retail is experiences.

Moving right along, I was at a minor league soccer match on Saturday night (gametime temperature = 103 degrees). Look at the right arm of one of the fans.

Yes, your minor league soccer jersey is sponsored by the Mayo Clinic (as were the jerseys of the players).

Now, how much do you think it costs to sponsor a minor league soccer team?

Low-Cost / No-Cost customer acquisition programs ... this doesn't have to be difficult. Do something!

And it is Monday (#HappyMonday), so why not share one more tidbit with you? We're getting eyeglasses fixed on Thursday ... we ask an employee where we should eat, and he says "Cafe Zupas" (click here). Two things to share with you ... look at the chocolate covered strawberry you get with your meal at no cost to you:

And if your phone battery is down to 33%?

Sure you could squeeze two more tables in where the Recharge Bar is, but instead you give the customer a free chocolate covered strawberry and a Recharge Bar and next thing you know some math wonk in Phoenix is writing about it to 2,500 blog subscribers and 6,600 Twitter followers. Low-Cost / No-Cost customer acquisition!!

Try something!

Try something!!

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