June 08, 2017

Marketing Tactics Make A Difference, Too

Yesterday, we figured out that the Merchandising Team discontinued existing items back in 2014, and then stopped the ramp-up of new items in late 2016, making it hard to grow the top-line.

Marketing created some problems as well.

I have three images for your viewing pleasure. Let's start with demand from search, on a rolling twelve-month basis.

This is your classic "we have a budget and the search vendor takes care of things for us" graph, don't you think? The trajectory of the graph hasn't changed for eighteen months.

This is the online channel - after removing the impact of search and email from online sales.

Oh oh.

For two years, demand generated online is in decline. 

When a business is "sick" it is common to see more and more demand (as a share of total) is generated by marketing channels. When a business is "healthy" it is common to see more and more demand (as a share of total) generated without attribution - customers simply love the merchandise and they buy the merchandise.

What does email marketing look like?

By mid-2015, somebody yelled at poor email marketing manager, and she came through with a significant increase in demand.

One might infer that there is a problem with the website ... this is where the digital marketing folks need to apply their craft. Maybe there is something to be fixed/improved. Maybe the lack of existing winning items dissuades customers from buying online. Regardless, the topics can be easily researched, identified, analyzed, and acted upon, right?

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