June 04, 2017

Management Teams Try Hard

Look at this ... here is the graph for annual buyers.

And here is the graph for annual spend per twelve-month buyer.

What caused the spending increase? Prices of items purchased.

The net of all this hard work? Here's annual demand.

It's hard to change the trajectory of a business. Really. Really. Hard.

Marketing is trying hard as well. They're changing free shipping cadence, looking for a reasonable path to the future. We can see that the dip in 2015 aligns with reductions in free shipping.

The customer responds to price ... and we can see that this is one of the paths that Management chose to pursue ... increased prices and more/less free shipping.

We can see that the merchandising team is trying terribly hard to make a difference. Undoubtedly the marketing team is trying hard as well. When merchandising and marketing are trying hard, hope exists!

More on this business tomorrow.

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