June 05, 2017

J. Crew

This truly is the end of an era (click here).

It's the end of Baby Boomer retail.

It's the absolute end-point of the failed #omnichannel movement ... where vendors and industry veterans tried to extend the "doing things the old way still works" thesis a few years too long. Omnichannel strategy is going to lead to 7,000 to 8,000 store closures this year. How did that work out for anybody other than Vendors and Management Consultants and Research Brands?

When you get home from work tonight, have a glass of wine (may I recommend Ghost Pines Cabernet for those of you who visit Costco) and celebrate the past thirty-five years of Baby Boomer fueled retail. Many readers enjoyed a fabulous career courtesy of Baby Boomer fueled retail.

And then tomorrow, get busy inventing the future. We've done things the same way for decades, and the tactic no longer works.

We must change.

Who's ready to create the future?

P.S.:  The lawn below is retail. The lawn mower is omnichannel. Don't be the guy pushing the lawn mower.

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