April 12, 2017

Business Simulation On-Site?

A week ago you read about the business simulation run at the VT/NH event on March 30. Remember the winning outcome?

How about we try something?

I have a new version of the simulation ... one that is more customer-centric ... one less product/staffing centric. I plan on presenting the new version in London at the DCA Annual Summit on June 15 (click here). If you would like to have your staff try the simulation, I will run the simulation for the FIRST COMPANY who responds to this blog post.

What do you get?
  • Three Hour Simulation Run with up to 20 members/teams.
  • Two Hour Afternoon Session on Customer Acquisition Tactics and Merchandise Forensics.
  • Three Hours Discussing Your Current Business Challenges.
Cost = $4,000 plus travel expenses.

If interested (and if you are interested, hurry the heck up because only the FIRST COMPANY TO RESPOND gets this opportunity at this low price), email me right now (kevinh@minethatdata.com).

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