April 23, 2017

20 Volunteers Needed To Test A Revised/New Business Simulation!!!!

Show of hands ... who would like to volunteer to test their business chops?

I've created a new version of the simulation performed at the VT/NH Group in March. I'm looking to take this simulation "on the road" ... to your company ... potentially holding day-long sessions to teach the simulation and to teach how Analysts might better work with Executives.

Here's what I am thinking.
  1. The first 20 volunteers get to participate ... email me (kevinh@minethatdata.com) with your intent to participate.
  2. The competition will take place May 8 - May 12.
  3. Each morning, you (the participant) will submit your business plan to me via email.
  4. Around noon (Pacific Time), the simulation will "crunch the numbers".
  5. Each afternoon (Pacific Time), you (the participant) will learn how you are performing against your peers.
  6. The next morning, you will submit a new business plan for the following year.
  7. The participant with the highest company valuation after five years will be declared "the winner", and will earn unrelenting and unending praise from the business community.
Each participant will earn a coveted MineThatData PickAxe ... how about that?!

What levers will you be able to pull?
  • Amount of Investment in Online Advertising.
  • Amount of Investment in Offline Advertising.
  • Discounting Strategy.
  • Shipping Cost Strategy.
  • Price of Widgets.
  • Price of Bidgets.
  • Price of Tidgets.
  • % of Your Merchandise Assortment That Will Be "New" Each Year.
  • Brand-Marketing Strategy vs. Technology-Centric Strategy, Determining The Appropriate "Mix" of Both.
Who wants to participate? Send me an email (kevinh@minethatdata.com) ... this should only take a few minutes of your time and you might end up being the overall winner!!

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