February 08, 2017

Podcast Week: Mystery Show

The fourth podcast in our series is Mystery Show ... a "one-season-and-done" masterpiece where host Starlee Kine solves obtuse mysteries (click here). If you only have time to listen to one episode ... listen to the second episode where a little-known author notices that a major star is carrying a copy of her book ... just a fantastic episode (click here)!!!

What does this have to do with low cost / no cost customer acquisition programs fueled by having a unique point of view?

Let's pretend you are Petals (click here). Could you not create a series where the marketer solves mysteries regarding people carrying plants / flowers / arrangements? Why is the guy on Wall St. carrying a Silk Hydrangea Centerpiece (click here)? Build a whole episode around the back story surrounding this man. Then if you have to offer a discount/promotion, offer it on the item in the story. Petals already has a much-neglected blog (click here) - use the blog to promote the story series paired with discounts for the items in each story.

I know, I know, there's a thousand reasons why you shouldn't do this. But creating a unique point of view that results in low cost / no cost new customers is a reason why you should do this, right?

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