November 22, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving and a Black Friday Note

How about adding a little bit of Grilled Pork Knuckle to your Thanksgiving Bounty?

Those of you who agree with my thesis about having a unique Point of View might want to read this one ... Patagonia to donate all sales from Black Friday to charities in line with the Patagonia brand (click here).

Here's another retailer point of view for Black Friday (click here).

As we rebuild our businesses in 2017 - preparing for a great 2018, we need to consider what our Unique Point of View is, right? Above, I listed two examples of companies exhibiting a Unique Point of View. You may not agree with either point of view, and that's fine. But you probably agree that you need a Unique Point of View, right? So, what is your Unique Point of View? Can you articulate it, and can you demonstrate how every employee you have hired exudes the Unique Point of View?

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