November 03, 2016

Four Things Great Companies Do Well

A few days ago, I talked about having a unique voice (click here).

I thought you might be interested in what people clicked on.

116 people clicked on the Patagonia link.

43 readers clicked on the Crouchstrophobia image.

20 people clicked on the Amazon Style Code nightly online show link.

17 readers clicked on the Duluth Trading Company website link.

That's the power of having A Unique Voice - a differentiated Point of View. You knew to go look at the Patagonia link, because you knew they would execute differently. That's the point I am trying to communicate. By having a low-cost customer acquisition plan fueled by a unique voice / point of view, Patagonia build up enough awareness that when you were given an opportunity to click on a link, you chose them over Amazon or Duluth Trading Company.

And the honest truth was that I wanted you to click on the Amazon link more than any, because that link is easily the most important link.

Patagonia is executing well.

Patagonia is not discounting much, either.

Do you see how the Four Things Great Companies Do Well work together?

By having a unique voice that connects to low-cost customer acquisition programs, Patagonia drives traffic to a merchandise program that yields high numbers of new/winning items. The unique voice / point of view enables Patagonia to maintain pricing integrity.

All four topics are linked together.

All four are multiplicative. 

I realize that e-commerce brands have faith in #digital.

I realize that retailers have faith in #omnichannel.

I realize that catalogers have faith in #print.

We need to have faith in the four topics outlined in the slide above.

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