October 30, 2016

A Week For Catalogers

During the past two weeks, I shared a lot of information about company success. Catalogers didn't seem to #engage with the content ... opt-outs ... if I shared stuff about a retail brand the emails weren't opened ... if I shared something about Williams Sonoma, oh, then the catalog audience liked it.

If you were frustrated with what I shared (#notactionable), then go click on this (click here) and think about what your version of this is, ok?

This week, I'm going to focus on stuff that catalogers can do to improve business performance.

There are four things that great companies do really, really well, based on the work I've done for 200+ brands over the past decade. Those four things are:
  1. They have robust new customer acquisition programs that generate large numbers of new customers at a very low cost.
  2. They have a robust new merchandise development program, yielding high numbers of winning new items.
  3. They maintain pricing integrity, often through maintaining low/scarce inventory levels.
  4. They have a unique voice.
For the rest of this week, we'll discuss how catalogers intersect with each of the four things that great companies do well.

Homework assignment: Grade your catalog brand (or if you aren't a cataloger, grade your brand) based on each of the four topics above. Give your brand an A/B/C/D/F grade on each of the four topics. Hint - I will grade catalogers this week.

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