September 26, 2016

Lands' End #sigh

I don't like it when people are fired or "resign" - as we observed earlier today at Lands' End (click here). I don't like it when Macy's goes through a sales decline & folks lose jobs. I don't like it when the public jumps on people who take risks ... if you don't innovate, you are criticized, if you innovate and it doesn't work, you are criticized.

I have a soft spot for the company - as I do for every company I've worked at. And there are too many good, solid people who work there. Hopefully, they pick a path forward that is right for their business, and their business will improve - just as I hope your business gets even better.

Look to JCP as an example - their sales crumbled 30% - then they changed course and sales grew at inflationary rates going forward - sales did not bounce back. It's hard to grow, regardless whether you have the right/wrong strategy. It's hard work.

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