September 07, 2016

Healthy Business: Teammates

Two years ago, I consulted with the healthiest business I've ever worked with. 

The most amazing thing about this business? The employees genuinely cared about each other. If you had six people in the room, you essentially earned the productivity of eight or nine people, because folks worked so well together.

Do you and your co-workers support each other? Marketing / Merchandising / Creative, all trying to help each other?

You can spot an unhealthy business a mile away ... people don't work well together, people don't like each other, and you have to push a boulder up a hill to get a decision made. Heck, I once worked in a department where the department head threatened physical violence if his wishes were not met. This led to three separate teams all trying to work on the same project, all competing against each other. That didn't turn out well. In another case, the Executive led terrifying meetings that caused people to walk out of the meetings ... weeping. Needless to say, the health of the business in this environment was ... sub-optimal!

Healthy businesses have employees who support each other ... the employees are not best friends, but they genuinely care about each other. And employees are allowed to make their own decisions ... with mistakes not being held against employees.

You (yes ... you, the reader) can change the culture of your business ... and in doing so, you may improve business performance, pushing your business closer to a Healthy Business.

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