August 01, 2016

Romance Novels

Our analytics are all messed up. We attribute the difference to channels.

The difference has nothing to do with the channel. The difference has everything to do with the content. In your case, study the merchandise that sells best in each channel. There are many times that low-margin, low price-point product sold via email discounts/promotions end up driving down lifetime value - has nothing to do with the channel, has everything to do with the product and promotion.

P.S.: If you like baseball, give this article about the Milwaukee Brewers trading away a bunch of current talent for what the GM calls "future talent" (click here). When your business is bad (similar to Milwaukee's record this year), do you plan for the future, or do you cut back on marketing expense to save money? Because if you do the latter, you reduce the future value of the business if your marketing cuts hurt customer acquisition activities.

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