July 04, 2016

Blue Apron

Just heard an ad on Alec Baldwin's podcast for Blue Apron.

Saw a TV commercial last night for Blue Apron.

Two free meals for trying Blue Apron.

All are customer acquisition tactics.

The "reads and reject" audience doesn't like Blue Apron ... they're not doing things the way you are supposed to do things. And that audience struggles to grow.

While Blue Apron grows at an exponential pace.

Go find new customers in new ways. Please!!

P.S.: If you haven't noticed, you cannot watch an obscure program on a mostly-ignored cable channel without seeing a commercial from a venture-funded e-commerce business. Television, labeled "dead" by the experts, may still be dead in the long-run, but in the short-run it has become one of the places where venture-funded e-commerce stalks prospects. Describe your strategy for finding new customers.

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