June 14, 2016

Marketing Tactics Feed The Brand Ecosystem

Take a look at this little beauty from the Direct Marketing Association.

You pay the DMA $30,000 a year ... $300,000 over a ten year span. They take your money, and they create ads with potentially inappropriate word play.

Maybe you think it is funny.

Maybe you don't think it is funny.

Either way, this form of advertising feeds their ecosystem with the kind of individuals who like this form of advertising.

I have a client that is exhausted with constantly having to find new and better promotions. When I asked the client how they acquired new customers, they mentioned that %-off and free shipping promotions "work best".

Well, what kind of customer do you think this brand acquires?

What kind of customer do you think the DMA acquires, using your money?

Your marketing team makes decisions today that impact what your brand ecosystem looks like tomorrow. Make sure your marketing team is making decisions that align with an ecosystem you'd be proud of.

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