June 17, 2016

And The Results Of The Test Are ...

Like a bald eagle, one can see the results from a mile away!

I performed an experiment on Friday ... the blog post, titled "Ralph Lauren - And Five Tips For Success" is, according to my email service provider, the most clicked-through and most "engaging" article of the month ... and it has only been active for a couple of days whereas other articles have had more than two weeks to percolate.

The plus-side of the experiment is that an audience can be motivated to act.

The minus-side of the experiment is that an audience can be easily motivated to act on the least important and unactionable content imaginable.

If this happens to you - a smart audience - imagine what happens on a daily basis ... even in your business?

In other words, when you seek to optimize / maximize, say, email productivity, are you doing what is best for your business, or are you following the lowest-common-denominator (#discounts #promotions #engagement) so that your metrics look good?

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