March 28, 2016

Complementary Materials = A Customer Acquisition Strategy

How often do you buy a mattress?

So let's assume that your Sleep Number and Tempurpedic brands are equally comfortable and similarly priced. You run across Eve Mattress. Not as well known, right? How do you compete?

In this example Eve Mattress uses Facebook to promote an eBook about the "Grouchy Grouch".

What are the odds of delivering a return on investment doing this? Minimal.

Do you have to do something different to attract a customer if you are not Sleep Number and/or Tempurpedic? Absolutely!

The Brand Response Marketer is not afraid to try low-cost techniques, and is not afraid of failure. Maybe you spend $40,000 working with an illustrator. You might need to sell 25 or 30 mattresses to earn enough margin dollars to cover the cost of an illustrator. Seems like it is worth trying, don't you think?

Afraid of spending $40,000 with an illustrator? How about one of your creative employees? There's no incremental cost whatsoever ... and if you sell 5 mattresses because of your strategy, you generated profit, right?

The Brand Response Marketer is not afraid of trying things.

The Brand Response Marketer is not afraid of failure.

The Brand Response Marketer tries 20 different tactics, knowing that 3 will generate enough success to cover for the 17 that fail.

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