February 22, 2016

In The Arms Of The Angel ...

This is a slide from my customer acquisition presentation. If you watch television and still watch commercials (the pundits tell us that only 37 people still do this), then you have heard the music ... and you've witnessed the images of shivering dogs in filthy dog runs ... and you felt the lump in your throat ... and you didn't want to cry in front of your children ... and you've fought your own hand as it digs into your wallet ... grasping desperately for a credit card that eases the pain that pups feel.

MAKE ... IT ... STOP ...

Yes. This is a customer acquisition strategy.

I know, I know. You sell widgets. They're boring. They're dull.

You don't think your customers abandon their widgets in a closet? Your widgets feel just like the pug feels in the image above.

Try something. Heartache is a customer acquisition strategy. Form a Brand Response Marketing team, and try creative tactics to find new customers.

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