February 16, 2016

Chocolate Piglets

Chocolate Piglets, folks.

In fact, New Pig clearly has a unique point of view ... about everything, don't you think?

It is really, really risky to have a point of view. I should know. I take a point of view that is typically not popular with the vendor community. There are consequences for taking a point of view. I probably generate half or less of the volume I could generate if I "played ball" with the vendor community.

Of course, I would have to be inauthentic ... I'd have to lie if I "played ball". So I don't play ball. I have a point of view, and I live with the consequences of that point of view.

I know, I know, you sell widgets, and if you sold widgets, you couldn't possibly have a "silly" point of view.

Well, chocolate piglets is a point of view ... in fact, everything about New Pig places them in a whole different sphere than their competition. Their point of view probably alienates some customers ... and brings other customers/prospects closer to them.

Have a point of view. Be different. Chocolate Piglets is certainly one way to be different, don't you think?

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