January 19, 2016

Vendors - You Are Needed!

Ok, I've given my client base and readership of over 2,500 subscribers a lot to think about.

There's room for everybody in the Catalog Thesis.

If you are a paper rep or a printer, you are encouraging your customers to go for a Ranch-Style Remodel. You want to see personalized merchandise assortments and varied page counts - you can work magic with that element of the thesis.

If you are a boutique catalog vendor, you have a veritable plethora of choices ... you can help your clients cross the Golden Gate Bridge ... you can demand that they stay in the Catalog Cul-de-sac and help them increase Merchandise Productivity ... or you can provide Weighted Product Preferences that help clients optimize within the Ranch-Style Remodel framework. What's not to like there?

A catalog database provider? The Ranch-Style Remodel is "Big Data" heaven!!

One of the four major co-ops? How about overlaying your data on top of the Weighted Product Preferences, and driving improved productivity within the Ranch-Style Remodel? Do some optimization work with a Personalized Merchandise Assortment. Partner with printers to do something interesting.

Are you a list organization? Why not map out what the new contact strategy has to look like to facilitate a Ranch-Style Remodel ... a contact strategy that capitalizes on Customer Acquisition?

Are you a vendor who likes things just the way they are? Push your client base toward the Catalog Cul-de-sac, and find merchandising solutions that grow productivity.

There's a big sandbox here for my catalog client base ... so much fun to be had. So much fun.

So what is stopping you from taking advantage of this framework, of this thesis?

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