January 20, 2016

Join Me In New Hampshire In March!

Over the past two months, those of you in the catalog community participated in the development of an overall thesis. You've read a draft presentation of a customer acquisition thesis more than eleven thousand times (click here). You've been actively engaged in a thesis outlining the future of catalog marketing ... reading voraciously while many other retail / e-commerce followers unsubscribe.

It was a lot of free information ... information that will grow your business ... and if you are a vendor supporting catalogers, the thesis will grow your business, too.

Now it's time for you to spend a little bit of money.

On March 31, I'll join Bill LaPierre and Amy Africa for a day of discussion about Customer Acquisition. You will pay a nominal fee to join us ... enjoying Spring weather and interactive discussion in the process.

What would stop you from being there?

When the day is over, you are going to have a list of opportunities long enough to take back to work and keep you busy for a year! You can share your thoughts with professionals at similar organizations ... comparing notes.

Best of all ... nobody is going to be selling you anything. Nobody. I keep hearing that your biggest pet peeve with industry conferences is rampant selling ... well, if you feel that way, why not do something about it? Why not support an event aligned with your interests?

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  1. Thanks for spreading the word Kevin. We are looking forward to having you again this year. It is always great to have you come to New England, home to so many catalogs. And we promise much better weather than last year!


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