January 07, 2016

Time Is Fast Approaching: Run #2 Of The MineThatData Elite Program!!

You read all about the Christmas shopping season, no doubt (click here). But ... was business actually up vs. last year, down vs. last year, or the same as last year?

MineThatData Elite Members will know the answer, across brands who participate in the Elite Program.

The second run of the MineThatData Elite Program is right around the corner. Join prior to February 1, and you will be locked-in at $2,000 per run (three runs per year). You'll learn how your comp segment performance varied vs. last year. You'll learn how you did across new + reactivated buyers. And you'll learn how other Elite Program members performed. 

Even better - you'll learn how participants stacked-up during the all-important Thanksgiving - Cyber Monday timeframe, during the run-up to Christmas, and in the post-Christmas sale period that your gift card shoppers took advantage of.

You will be closer to the truth than those who do not participate in the program.

Since the program is virtually free, why not participate?!! The price goes up to $2,500 after January 31. Prior participants are locked-in to the price they paid from the start.

So join! What would stop you?

And if you want something for free, take a peek at the evolution of my customer acquisition presentation.

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