January 07, 2016

Oh My Goodness

Mark the date ... 1/7/2016. The date the omnichannel thesis, concocted by research brands, promoted by vendors selling solutions and shouted from the mountaintops by thought leaders ... it's the day the thesis died. After you were told if you didn't go all in on omnichannel, your business would be dead.
Here's the article (click here) ... Macy's blames everything but omnichannel for sales declines, including blaming weather (pro tip - if you sales decline when temps are too warm - and your sales decline when temps are too cold - you have a business model that is going to struggle).

Macy's can now pursue customer acquisition strategies ... you fix the merchandise and you find customers who love your changes. They already know this. 

As for the bloodletting ... store closures and 3,000 store based employees and 150+ executives and 1,300 professionals being let go ... how flippin' sad. It makes me so angry to see so many good, honest, hard working people get mulched.

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