January 28, 2016

Three More Days To Enroll In This Run Of The MineThatData Elite Program

Did I mention that you still get the pickaxe lapel pin when you enroll?

For just $2,000, you learn several things.
  1. You learn what your merchandise productivity is. Is your merchandising team helping or hurting your efforts? This is the most important metric to know in business, as you well know. If you don't know how merchandise productivity is impacting your business, you need to sign up right now!
  2. You learn how your new + reactivated buyer counts are impacting your business. Are they making it impossible for your business to grow? Have your efforts flipped disproportionately to Nov/Dec, hurting your business in the long-term? You'll know the answer after participating in this round of analysis.
  3. You learn how your merchandise productivity and new + reactivated buyer counts compare to other participants. Is your business struggling? It might be nice to know how you compare to others, as opposed to asking somebody what they're hearing out there.
  4. You get my phone number and you get to call whenever you have questions.
Email me right now (kevinh@minethatdata.com) ... you have three more days to enter.
  • Payment must be received by February 15.
  • I must receive your data (three years ... 2/1/2013 to 1/31/2016) no later than February 15. I'll forward you the simple file format required to perform the analysis - the file format couldn't possibly be easier to populate.
The price goes up to $2,500 on Tuesday ... so this is it!

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