December 22, 2015

The Prospect List

Can I share something with you?

Now, I get it ... if you are a $1,000,000 business catering to an 18-39 year old audience, social media means everything. But if you are a $100,000,000 cataloger catering to a 63 year old customer, well, social media is meaningless.

But put that discussion aside for a moment.

In the slide above, Zara has more than 7 million followers on Instagram. That's the very definition of a prospect list. Zara has permission to share imagery and imagination with the prospect list.

Let's assume you are a cataloger (I know, many of you aren't). What is your prospect list? In other words, what is the list that you get to market to, that you have permission to market to?

I know how my business works.
  • 100,000 uniques read at least one blog post per year.
  • 50,000 - 100,000 unique individuals see 1+ tweet a month.
  • 5,700 follow on Twitter.
  • 2,500 subscribe to the blog.
  • 850 subscribe to the blog via email.
  • 1,000+ uniques have listened to at least one podcast.
  • 15 - 40 companies hire me for a project in any given year.
In other words, I have a really big prospect list. And it is not easy to build a prospect list. Not easy at all. It is hard work, work with minimal rewards on a daily basis but huge rewards over time.

Back to your business, as a catalog brand. What is your prospect list? If your prospect list cannot be accessed unless you give a gatekeeper $0.06 per prospect, you have a problem. If your version of a prospect list is the rental of email addresses (while your e-commerce competitors easily collect email addresses from non-purchasers for free), you have a problem.

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