September 17, 2015

Just 12 Days Away!

In 12 days, the first wave of participants in the MineThatData Elite program will begin the process of capturing three years of purchase history.

The data will be delivered to me by October 15. Once I have the data, I will run a comp segment analysis and a new+reactivated buyer analysis on the participating businesses. Better yet, I will use a variant of averaging to obtain participant comp segment performance, and participant new+reactivated buyer analysis.

In other words, participants will fully understand how their merchandise productivity changed over the past two years, and participants will know how their metrics compare to other participants.

All this for $2,000 per run ... three runs per year (through September 30, January 31, and May 31).

The analysis is virtually free. You'll learn a lot. What would stop you from participating?

Remember, prices go up before the January 31 run, so this is your chance to get in and save yourself money. Contact me ( right now!!!

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