August 05, 2015

MineThatData Radio!

If you are employed in the Analytics field, as an Analyst or a Manager, then my new podcast series is designed for you!

MineThatData Radio will be a podcast series that focuses on key topics in the field of "Data". This first episode will address a concept called "Data Driven", a vendor-centric term that encourages employees to change company culture by getting all employees to focus on decision that are driven by data. Well, we all know that doesn't work!! I talk about the topic in this podcast ... and I address listener questions at the end of the podcast.

In future podcasts, I will explore the interaction between analytically minded Analysts/Managers and Executives. This is where the rubber meets the road ... and it is a concept that is virtually ignored. Having been an Analyst/Manager/Director for 13 years and and Executive-level individual for nearly 15 years, I can see both sides of the coin.

If you have a question for future podcasts ... please send me the question (

Here is the podcast - posted on Soundcloud (click here for my page if you like or if you cannot see the Soundcloud player below). 

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