August 04, 2015

Creative Passion

Walk past an Apple store, and you'll see passion. Somebody cares deeply about what the store looks like.

Take a look at this store. Signage? Windows? Merchandise? Windows? Windows?

And look at the parking lot.

No amount of omnichannel theory helps here. 

We have our priorities wrong. 

Describe for me the customer that loves an integrated experience across channels that results in this being the end step - the reward - the end of a customer journey? You follow the rainbow to the pot of gold, only to arrive at an empty parking lot and a store without windows.

I walked in to this store - the employees were great!

We need to focus on our story. What story does this storefront convey?


  1. Wait a minute ... didn't the head of Apple Retail go run this company (for a little while, anyway). Ah, the irony .... ;)

  2. That should tell you something important, shouldn't it?!! Passion must go beyond one person with a vision.


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